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"Heart And Sole"

Our CEO has loved shoes ever since she could remember! She was fascinated by her Late Mother’s shoes at a very young age! Literally walking in her shoes, she knew she wanted to grow up and eventually become something that had to with fashion!


Although she chose a path of Human Resources which she loves as well; her Passion has always been shoes! Everywhere she goes, people always say “ I love your shoes!”


So with this fire and desire for shoes, inspiration from her Angel Mom, and a name fusion of her 3 children, DaMiZo LLC ™️ was created!


Our CEO wants to not only inspire shoe fashion and passion but to also encourage and inspire others to never give up on your dreams and your purpose! Even if you take a different path! Your heart and Sole will ALWAYS lead you to where you need to be!


Good for the Sole!  - DaMiZo Shoes

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